About us

About ALWASEET Medical Complex

We are a multi-diverse specialized healthcare organization that brings healthcare solutions that employs different nationalities and is presently serving contracts in multi-sectorial levels. As such we are professionally and culturally dynamic ready and equipped with evidence-based knowledge and skills competencies to bring to you well managed and standardized healthcare facilities .

We assure that we will abide by the highest standards and statements in every agreement that we engage into every organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With our remarkable statistic business growth, we are humbly spreading our wings Indeed, we are proud and even ready to serve and commit to all the rest of the GCC countries.

We will manage your clinic from facility commissioning until fully operational activities are all set to commence following all MOH & JHAH standard requirements or according to company designed specifications.

These industrial or remote area clinics and or urgent care facilities are mostly by distance or topography project sites that cannot provide a timely and urgent medical access to their employees covering services such as First Aid, pre-hospitalization care or in some locations referrals to the nearest hospital facility. Our business is to bring solutions to your clinical requirements

Oil & Gas facilities - Producing, Separation, Refining, Storage, Distribution plants, Offshore Exploration, Onshore active Drilling operations and Water injection facilities, Construction sites, allied services and residential camps


Health is the core value of humanity and we begin by providing excellent medical professionals. To continuously establish a strong foundation that provides the highest standard, the highest quality the highest integrity and the strongest solid commitment.


To become the leading manpower healthcare institution that continuously uphold the highest standard in the kingdom.

Our Coverage

First Aid Clinic either a single room or a multi-room facility depends on the project requirement that can be partial or full service contract.

Full-Service Contract with Health Care Provider and can have specialized services that include Physician, Radiology, Laboratory, hearing and Pulmonary Function Tests as part of Physical Medical Fitness Examination, Ambulance full set-up, Ambulance Driver, Oxygen, Medical Waste Disposal, Biomedical Periodic Maintenance.